My name is Colm J Halpin, I am a native of Chicago (Edison Park) and a licensed funeral director in Illinois for more than 25 years. Together with my wife, Kiara Moore Tierney, also a Chicago native (Mt. Greenwood) and a healthcare administrator, we are here to take care of your dirty work!

The concept of cleaning garbage cans is not one that we can take credit for.  After stumbling upon some YouTube videos of the process, I saw that this met a need for our community and beyond. In areas with lots of restaurants and businesses, there is lots of garbage, and where there is garbage there is a lot of bacteria and odors; not to mention that garbage attracts rodents (particularly rats!). Starting a new company is one hurdle, convincing MY wife to do this was another matter entirely. After being extremely persistent, preparing a 16-page single spaced, handwritten business plan that I had to “submit” to my wife for review, and then defend my plan to my wife. 

Clean Cans & Powerwashing, Inc. was born in February 2022. A global semiconductor chip shortage delayed our equipment until October 2022.

One might ask, what the heck would a funeral director and healthcare administrator know about cleaning garbage cans and powerwashing sufaces? Well, we have both seen some really interesting, and quite frankly disgusting things, and we are obsessed with sanitation and serving others. Now that that we have the truck and system to do this, we see cans, dumpsters and surfaces everywhere that are crying out for our service. 
We have all passed trash cans or dumpsters that reek of offensive odors. You think to yourself, that is disgusting, and someone better clean that!
Well, I’m your guy.

We look forward to serving you!
Colm J Halpin & Kiara Moore Tierney